Derek Stukuls is a true jack of all trades. He really is a guy that can do it all! From start to finish and from top to bottom. With over twenty years of experience, Derek’s both an accomplished graphic designer and a crackerjack illustrator too. AND he’s also a skilled photo retoucher and a top-notch production designer to boot. A whole company unto himself. He’s worked with some of the best Creative Directors in New York City and he’s helped some of the country’s top firms get their images to the people.

As a young jack of all trades, Derek honed his craft at Rhode Island School of Design and he now currently divides his time between Brooklyn and Krumville, New York.

So, welcome! C’mon in and take a look around. Check out the portfolios and click to download the resume. Send an email with any questions, comments or even complaints. Derek would love to hear from you. And don’t forget to check out the Blogs to see what Derek’s up to right now!